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What an amazing, inspiring, beautiful project. I can’t help think of where the book will be stored. In turn at each of your places?

Would you consider print it to share it more broadly? Or is it too personal?

Bravo for making this project live so beautifully for so long and across so far away places, putting your trust in a way of communicating which seems to belong to the past and less and less effective it seems. (A letter sent in France on December 22 finally reached Prague yesterday...)

The you do much for such inspiration.

I’m in love too :)

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Thanks Aline! We've yet to decide how we'll store it, for now we're just enjoying the process. I've been amazed at how much people have loved reading about the project here on Substack, so may be a couple of years down the line (we've got about 20 pages of the book left to alter) we may consider a zine or something similar. I think the three of us enjoy working on it without considering an audience at this point.

Yes - love the postal system! Especially in Europe :)

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply ! 🥰

I had started such a project myself nearly 20 years ago but it didn’t last unfortunately. Reading about yours made me think I could maybe start one with my daughter when she will live home. She is extremely creative. I’m bracing for this moment and the idea was somewhat very soothing :)

Wishing you a wonderful new year and bon voyages ( in plural) to the precious precious book!

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I'm in love!!! 🌷 ❤️

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Such an inspiring project, Ella! ❤️👏

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